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TRJet, SSM Agree on Principal Terms to Produce First Turkish-Built Aircraft
Jul. 12, 2016

FARNBOROUGH, U.K. (July 12, 2016) – TRJet and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) have reached agreement on certain principal terms of the contract for the highly-anticipated Turkish Regional Aircraft Project. SSM is the project’s lead procurement agency, which in 2015 executed a memorandum of understanding between TRJet and the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications to produce the country’s first regional jet with an order of up to 50 aircraft.

“The impact of this exciting and historic project is tremendous, both for the global aviation market and for Turkey,” said SSM Undersecretary Ismail Demir, Ph.D. “We look forward to working together with TRJet to establish Turkey as one of the few countries in the world that can design, certify and manufacture civil aircraft.”

Under the terms of the Project, TRJet will first produce a modernized and enhanced version of the acclaimed Dornier 328 aircraft. TRJet intends to leverage to the greatest extent possible, the resources currently available within the Turkish aviation industry to bring its TRJ328 aircraft to market.

The initial order is set for delivery to six end-users including the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Airports Authority. The aircraft will serve a number of strategic roles ranging from Air Ambulance, Special Mission, VIP, Airport Calibration and passenger transport, further demonstrating the unique capabilities of the 328 Series.

Ultimately, the TRJ328 aircraft and TRP328 turboprop pave the way toward realization of Turkey’s first domestically-designed, certified and produced commercial passenger aircraft, a larger capacity Series formerly known as the TRJ628. Led by Turkish engineers and manufactured in Turkey, this aircraft will broaden the industrial supplier base in-country and solidify TRJet, an affiliate of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), as an aircraft original equipment manufacturer within the global aviation market. This is a significant first for Turkey, especially as the country prepares to become a major hub for international aviation with the opening of the world’s largest airport slated for 2017.

TRJet’s new larger series of aircraft will be designed as production of the 328 Series is underway. It is expected to reach major production milestones in time to mark Turkey’s centennial celebration in 2023.

“The effects of the Project on the Republic of Turkey and the aviation industry as a whole are vast and will affect generations to come,” said Fatih Ozmen, owner and CEO of SNC. “This has been a dream for the Turkish people for many years and we are extremely proud to have a part in bringing it to life not only on a local or regional level but on the international stage.”

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TRJet Havacilik Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (TRJet) combines the legacy of two esteemed aviation companies, Sierra Nevada Corporation and 328 Support Services GmbH, to create a commercial aviation and aerospace company that merges modern German aircraft engineering and the latest industry modification standards. It was formed in part to serve the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project for which the TRJ328 aircraft and its sister design the TRP328 turboprop are being initially produced. The Project also includes plans for a larger, clean-sheet-design aircraft, establishing TRJet as an aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer and contributing significantly to Turkey’s economy.


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